Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend of Sewing!!

Here is the Lovely Place we had the pleasure of using for the weekend for a fantabulous weekend! It is a little building off the side of the Presbyterian Church in American Fork!!
We Had people sewing and scrap booking, coming and going. Since it was so close to so many were able to getaway but not too far away if we had something to take care of.

Busy little bee's at work and as I'm posting this pic I see we have a streaker among us!! This was early in the day the first day not everyone was there yet!!

Dr. Pepper, M&M's a weekend to sew What more could we need??

These are really a lot of Fun!!! For some strange reason I did not take any Pic's the second day!! Oh well maybe next time! Speaking of next time...... I will be having another one May 18 and 19 so come have some fun with us and get a way for a couple of days!!!