Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Quilt

Last Fall I made two Halloween quilts tops for my boys. This Fall I had them quilted by Ella, with spiders, spider webs, loops and twirls. I am so pleased with the results they look so cute on their beds!! Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct 24th... a perfect Pickle!!!

Sweet Jenny and Ashley (her sister) Hosted a fabulous Pickle Party! Jenny made these cute spiders for those that came to the party, they are magnets, CUTE huh? We ate delicious food and wonderful company. On the menu was... roasted red pepper soup, Chili, Rolls and orange sweet potatoes YUMMMMMY!!!! The Plant in her hand was a gift to Jenny and Ashley for hosting a pickle. The plant is an aloe vera, I received a plant just like this one When I moved into my house 15, 16 years ago I had a friend that gave it to me and I have been harvesting Baby's from it and giving them away for gifts, one year I gave them out for x-mas. Its a fun and useful plant and it will reproduce and you too can give away all those little baby's, cause it will have a ton.
Her is the hostess with the mostess!! Jenny is sporting the skirt we made one together but no pic of me since i was behind the camera, we made them up our selves. I demonstrated how to do the block for our next quilt. We had a couple drawings for a prize to take home, every pickle who attended was in the drawing and there were even some names in there if you were not there for doing certain things like helping fix some blocks or assembling the quilt or binding it ect ect.
Here we forgot to do show and tell or a trunk show so we were all on our way out the door we had a quick one. Cute stuff!!! I also forgot to take pics so I hurried and snapped a couple.
We had alot of abcent pickle's, maybe next time which will be on Jan 23rd 2010.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Every Pickle must read!!!!

This is were our Sweet little Pink Pickle club came from, by page fifty nine you will know why I wanted to start this Pickle. Its all about the friendship!! This is a MUST read for all pickles, so please pick one up from the Library, or if you can be very nice to my copy you may barrow it! It is a great story. Its a short read, only 196 pages.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Newest Friend and Pickle Member

Hello there fellow Pickles, I just wanted you all to meet my newest friend and newest Pickle. Her name is Debi and she just moved here to Utah in June from California. I met her in a fabric store (surprise, surprise) . I took this pic of us today ,we went to lunch at Gardner Village and of course I had to show her Pine Needle up there, and my favorite place to eat fried green tomatoes ok so it's the only place I have ever had them, but they are so yum yum good. Any way I had fun showing her around and getting to know her a bit, I'm looking forward to a great friendship and getting to know her better. Also so happy to have a new pickle!