Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Church Quilt!!

 Wow!! What a color difference between inside and out side lighting!!! This is the second quilt that I made for my church, the name of the block is called Gods eye . I wanted to make a quilt that they could hang up all year long in between Easter and Christmas and other events that happen in the Presbyterian church!!  It looks pretty I think!

This is a close up look a the the fabric I chose FROM MY STASH......well most of them were any way!!! I was happy to use it for this. I have been enjoying every minute of the work I have done on these quilts, I feel very good about it!! I hope they like them as much as I enjoy giving them!!
I found this pic of the first quilt I guess I did not ever blog about it!!! Its an Easter quilt complete with eggs and tulips and a cross and cross and clothe!!!
I know not much of a update but I have more now that I can upload pics!!! Yay!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quilting time!!!

Hey lady's just thought I would give you all a heads up!! I will be having another sewing weekend on May 18 and 19 If you are interest in attending please contact me so we can get a head count. The Cost for weekend will be $65 and that includes 5 meals and two full days and one night worth of your own sewing time. So come have fun sewing with old friends and meet some new ones!!! Should be fun for all!!!!! See below for pics of our last sewing weekend!!! Please email me if you would like to attend this @ ella@yahoo.com.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend of Sewing!!

Here is the Lovely Place we had the pleasure of using for the weekend for a fantabulous weekend! It is a little building off the side of the Presbyterian Church in American Fork!!
We Had people sewing and scrap booking, coming and going. Since it was so close to so many were able to getaway but not too far away if we had something to take care of.

Busy little bee's at work and as I'm posting this pic I see we have a streaker among us!! This was early in the day the first day not everyone was there yet!!

Dr. Pepper, M&M's a weekend to sew What more could we need??

These are really a lot of Fun!!! For some strange reason I did not take any Pic's the second day!! Oh well maybe next time! Speaking of next time...... I will be having another one May 18 and 19 so come have some fun with us and get a way for a couple of days!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I have to admit I CHEATED again!!!! I found this way cute Panel at a local quilt store on clearance no less. It is a Holly Hobbie and it was so cute I had to bring it home and make My sweet Olivia a quick and easy valentines quilt. It was so quick and easy I make a queen size for my bed. I thought it looked like pieced blocks so i left it alone and quilted it, everyone that has seen this up close has thought that it was pieced.
I even took a close up of the quilting and it still looked pieced!! I call that a bonus!!
Sorry My photog skill's still suck!! Who has time to practice when I have so many quilts to do!
This one is kind of a give a way with the black out line !
I had decided to try a new quilting design and with out practicing it out on paper first I just went to town on the quilt and I think it turned out fabulous!!!