Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I have to admit I CHEATED again!!!! I found this way cute Panel at a local quilt store on clearance no less. It is a Holly Hobbie and it was so cute I had to bring it home and make My sweet Olivia a quick and easy valentines quilt. It was so quick and easy I make a queen size for my bed. I thought it looked like pieced blocks so i left it alone and quilted it, everyone that has seen this up close has thought that it was pieced.
I even took a close up of the quilting and it still looked pieced!! I call that a bonus!!
Sorry My photog skill's still suck!! Who has time to practice when I have so many quilts to do!
This one is kind of a give a way with the black out line !
I had decided to try a new quilting design and with out practicing it out on paper first I just went to town on the quilt and I think it turned out fabulous!!!

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April M. said...

How adorable - I love your piecing ;)