Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blue and Brown

We finally presented the blue and brown wonky quilt to its intended party, we had been planning to five it to her way back in November 2010. I guess we are were a little busy this year I know I have been. Any way i think she was a happy lady, her little girl was happy too I think she was thinking it was for her. It fun going to her home as her whole family was there her husband took our picture. Miss patty Pickle miss Kristen pickle and My self went to give it too her and they are just the best at breaking the silence and making everything go smooth, Thank you lady's!!!
These are all the blocks that were left from the Original quilt I had the Lady's make a few extra so that we could have enough to make a small quilt for quilts shows and to have a remembrance of the quilts we made and donated, but we thought it best be used by someone going through a life's challenge.
I just love this quilt!!!
We even put her name in the quilting!
I hope this brings comfort for years to come!! Thank you to all the pickles that helped make this possible!!

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