Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Halloween in April????

This is my latest UFO. I made this quilt last Halloween for My sweet little grand daughter Isabella but I never finished the binding on it, so here it is all done. :)
I'm making one just like it for My sweet Olivia. It's in the works. ;) Next one to finish is Taylor's Halloween quilt I have the binding on it just needs hand stitching.
The backing!! Sorry my photo skills kinda SUCK!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

♫That's the way♫ uh huh♪ uh huh♫ We Wonk it ♪

Sorry sometimes I just bust out on song. Here is a quilt That one of my friends made for a wedding gift. She used the wonky log cabin block that we are doing for out pickle quilt, but she put sashing in hers with corner stones. I really like the way the sashing was done in this.
Very nicely done, I can't wait to get the pickle cabin done and also my own wonky log cabin.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

AN itty bitty UFO!!!

This sweet little quilt I had made for Olivia, it is a car seat quilt so it is very small, the first one I made for her did not match her cover as well as I would like but it had her name on it so I never really finished this one for her. So now that she is out of the carry seat, she did not really need another one , although she really loves her little blanky she can carry it her self. Any way I decided to give this one to a friend that just happen to have a little girl and I had given her my car seat cover up, so it will match perfect for her. YAY!!!!
This quilt was also a bit of a guinea pig, I had just got a stitch regulator on my machine so I practiced with it a bit to get used to it before I did one for a customer. It works just fine and dandy, different but very good I LOVE it!!!

I did a little bit of everything on this one! It was a fun quilt, I hope the little girl that got it likes it as much as Olivia likes hers!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long Distance Pink Pickle - Wonky Log Cabin Blocks

Hey there y'all,

This is Anna from down south in San Antonio, TX. I'm the long distance, virtual, remote, pink pickle (I think there is one other but not in SA). I wanted to show you the wonky log cabin blocks I've made so far for the pickle quilt. I hope you like them. I've had lots of fun making them.

Two down, only four more to go. I might make a couple of extra, just in case. Have a great Easter weekend!

Happy Stitches,