Thursday, April 15, 2010

AN itty bitty UFO!!!

This sweet little quilt I had made for Olivia, it is a car seat quilt so it is very small, the first one I made for her did not match her cover as well as I would like but it had her name on it so I never really finished this one for her. So now that she is out of the carry seat, she did not really need another one , although she really loves her little blanky she can carry it her self. Any way I decided to give this one to a friend that just happen to have a little girl and I had given her my car seat cover up, so it will match perfect for her. YAY!!!!
This quilt was also a bit of a guinea pig, I had just got a stitch regulator on my machine so I practiced with it a bit to get used to it before I did one for a customer. It works just fine and dandy, different but very good I LOVE it!!!

I did a little bit of everything on this one! It was a fun quilt, I hope the little girl that got it likes it as much as Olivia likes hers!!!

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Cherylee said...

By the way Madi does like it. She sleeps on it every night! Thanks again!