Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Church Quilt!!

 Wow!! What a color difference between inside and out side lighting!!! This is the second quilt that I made for my church, the name of the block is called Gods eye . I wanted to make a quilt that they could hang up all year long in between Easter and Christmas and other events that happen in the Presbyterian church!!  It looks pretty I think!

This is a close up look a the the fabric I chose FROM MY STASH......well most of them were any way!!! I was happy to use it for this. I have been enjoying every minute of the work I have done on these quilts, I feel very good about it!! I hope they like them as much as I enjoy giving them!!
I found this pic of the first quilt I guess I did not ever blog about it!!! Its an Easter quilt complete with eggs and tulips and a cross and cross and clothe!!!
I know not much of a update but I have more now that I can upload pics!!! Yay!!

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Marion said...

Look at you, Bella Ella! You posted your BEAUTIFUL quilts! :) They are spectacular! You are so wonderful to make such a sweet gift for your church :)