Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crazy for Dots

Hi Pickles,

Just thought I would show you a quilt Ella just finished quilting for me. I am so excited about how it turned out. It is huge!! She did such a beautiful job quilting it and taking the time to make it perfect.

I meant to tell everyone on Saturday I am hosting a giveaway over at my French Knots blog!!! Check it out, I am giving away FaBrIc, a Lone Star Wallhanging, and other cute girly things. Who doesnt' want that?

Wall Hanging and Fabric!


Ella said...

The more I see this quilt the more I love it!!!

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

What a cute club! I love the pickle blocks! Are they paper pieced? I am usually afraid of paper piecing, so just curious. It must be so fun to have such a great group to work with. Can I join? I can be a cyber pickle! You wouldn't happen to be in Texas would you?


Leslie said...

What a fabulous dot quilt - I'm in love with it!

This is such a fun quilt club you all have here. I'm so impressed with all the projects I've seen posted here. If I lived in PG I'd join you all - invited or not, lol.

Cassie Marie said...

Ella how much do you charge to quilt a quilt? I have a long arm machine...but I love the quilt too much to ruin it myself!