Saturday, March 27, 2010

♪♫Celebrate good time♫♪ come on♫♪

This block is Miss Kellie Pickles!!!
Miss Tammy Pickles block!
It was another successful Pickle meet... well I may have to start docking points for those that don't come!! Just kidding, but we did not have a big turn out, there was Me, Jeanette, Tammy, Kellie Kristine, and Kristen . Kellie And Kristine Did an absolute fabulous job on the food. They really out did them self's. On the Menu was fresh fruit with fruit dip, fresh veggies with dip, chicken salad sandwiches on croissant, the ever so yummy layered jello that was just beautiful. Also bowls of Easter candy. And a lime drink with a kick that was YUM. Oh ya and deviled eggs!!! If I forgot something I'm sorry! Sorry I forgot to take pics of the party! But when I got home I took pics of the fabulous blocks that Tammy and Kellie completed. This quilt is going to be very Awesome!!!! Thank you again Kellie and Kristine!!!!!

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