Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Pickle Party!!!

Wow is this just not sooooo Beautiful! I really love this quilt my sweet little pickles that have come together to make such a work of art.

I think everyone's colors came together so well!
Look at these cute little pickle goer's!
There is a pickles grandma, drinking a stiff one first thing in the morning!
We had on our menu a wonderful quiche, fresh fruit, fruit dip, and homemade cinnamon rolls made from whole wheat, YUM. Thank you Kristen for hosting at your house!!! And for all the wonderful homemade dish's. Thank you for all who came and helped put that beautiful quilt together, I think it turned out great!!!! Until next time!


Weight Family said...

Beautiful! Maybe someday I'll make another. You're inspiringa

The Woff Pack said...

that is gorgeous. Love how all the colors came together.

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Wow, those are awesome! I'm sad my blocks didn't make it in. Guess that's my fault for not sending them in time. Maybe they can be put into a coordinating pillowcase or something. Great job!


cc said...

What is the name of this quilt block? I'd like to have the pattern. Thanks, Charlotte

Ella said...

Hey Charlotte, Its called Wonky log cabin. here is the tuturial for you let me know if you get this.

on the side bar is other post that tell how to cut fabric and everything. This is a very fun pattern. ENJOY!!!