Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stars and Stripes!

This a quilt I finished very quickly Thanks to Some sweet pickle who had a hand in it. I could not have finished this without you lady's. I sure wish I had you all the time to help with my own quilts.LOL. I decide to make this quilt for Kaleb who is my Granddaughter's Dad , He served in over in Afghanistan and just returned on Memorial weekend. He even got a police and firetruck escort home, how cool is that?
This is the back of the quilt!

Not sure how this got side ways in the camera! I was pointing straight!????????HMMM.
I liked this quilt so much I have decided to make one for me just like it, but I may make it like a great big flag on the back! I wonder if I can count this for a UFO project? It only took about six weeks to complete it, and that is not working on it constantly.


tammy said...

That is seriously beautiful, Ella! Nice job getting it done so fast!

Kay Heritage said...

Oh, my! What a great way to fellowship and share your incredible gift of sewing! Quilts are absolutely beautiful! I am learning to sew colonial clothing but would love to learn to quilt, too! Thanks for visiting my food blog.