Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taylors X-mas Quilt

Here is the quilt That I made for my son Taylor for Christmas this year. I try to make my kids a quilt for each Christmas, at least for the last two to three years. I'm also trying to make them one for the main holidays, like Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July and maybe just a winter and a fall/ spring and summer and then there are the themed quilts, OH MY! I'm out of control.
Here is my sweet little Olivia clinging to mommy's feet and climbing all over the quilt I lay out.LOL But she is a cutie so she can climb all over my quilts.
Anyway this is a pattern from the MayWoods studio called Mr. Snowman, using her fabrics also, I change up a few things, the original called for appliqued snow men and I'm just not an applique person, don't get me wrong I like it it's just I don't do it well or have the patience to do it right.
Sorry these pics are kinda really white! But here is a pic of the free hand quilting I did on them I made up the snowflakes as I went along. This one I used triangle .
spirals here

Curly ques here I LOVE THIS ONE this is the one I came up with on paper then as I was quilting came up with the others.
Double circles! I also did a few other but must have not got the pics of them, I did a heart and a couple of them with mixed shaped on them. I'm so proud of my self, I really love how it turned out. It was more work than other quilt's I have done but so worth it!

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tammy said...

That turned out so great! I love the individual quilting in each square--very nice!