Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pickle Meet......

Here are a few Pics of the pickle meeting today, I did not get very many shots , I brought a camera with a dead battery uuhhgg. Well anyway we had another successful meeting, today we brought our machines and worked on the blocks. We have a few new Pickle that have joined our little group, I will post pics soon. Our new pickles are Shanelle Bayles, Kristine Shumway and Debi joined a couple months ago but this was her first meeting also. So WELCOME baby pickles!!!!
Thanks to Cassie and Cindi for hosting our Pickle they did a fabulous job, on the menu was a vegetable beef soup, creamy potato soup served in bread bowls, a seven layer dip with chips, vegetable tray, lots of festive candy bowls and for dessert the had a not sure what it was but it was yummy it had cream cheese jello and pretzels in it sounds weird but YUM!!! Also Key lime pie with PINK yes PINK whip topping!! SO PRETTY!!! May be we can get them to post recipes for us? HINT ( potato soup) Also Thank you for the awesome trunk show! You guys ROCK!!!!!
This is Debi hard at it! Her and Jenny could not wait to start sewing!!
What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, g
Good Friends Food and Fun!
WOW! I just used three ,count them three F words!!
Thanks again for a great Pickle Day!!!


Drew and Kristine said...

That was way fun yesterday! Thanks everyone!

Kendall said...

It looks like a lot of fun I wish that I was there