Thursday, January 28, 2010

Potato Cheese Soup!

Hey Pickles! here is the potato soup recipe. Just remember...there is a reason that it tastes so yummy! Also, The first time I made it I tried to do it in the crock pot, but it didn't turn out. There isn't any short cut that I know of. It's not a hard soup to make, just takes a little while to make. This is for a double batch, which was the size pot that I made for the pickle. Here it is!

6 cups potatoes cut up
1 cup carrots cut up
1/2 cup onion
2 cups water
2 chicken bullion cubes
1 teaspoon salt
6 cups milk
12 Tablespoons flour
1 lb velveta cheese
1/2 cube butter

Heat the water with the bullion cubes, add potatoes, carrots, onions, and salt and let simmer for about 15-20 minutes to soften the potatoes and carrots. While the veggies are cooking, measure out 3 cups of milk and add 12 Tablespoons of flour to it. Mix the flour in so that there are no clumps. Then in a separate bowl measure out another 3 cups of milk. (6 cups of milk total)

After the Veggies are done, then add the 3 cups of milk that doesn't have the flour in it. Warm that slowly until it's steamy. I stir it pretty frequently, so the milk doesn't stick and burn on the bottom. Then, once it's steamy, while stirring add the 3 cups of milk that has the flour mixed in. Heat slowly stirring frequently to prevent scorching. Once that shows signs of boiling, (it takes quite a while, but I promise it will boil) just a few bubbles, turn the heat off and add the cheese and butter. It will be hot enough to melt both. Once they are melted and it's all mixed in, you're all done!

You can try it with broccoli and celery if you'd like also. Sorry if that was confusing. If it was, call me and I'll try to do a better job of explaining it!



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