Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A gift for my Bella B!

Isabella needed a curtain for her new room So I , (being her Mema) needed to make her one, well since she had a new curtain for her new room I thought it would be only appropriate for her to have a matching Quilt.
This quilt was way out of the norm for me, Since it was Tinker Bell she wanted I was very limited to were to buy the fabric, Walmart was pretty much the only choice I had. Since this quilt was just for fun WHY not? Well it turned out ok, I just hope it last at least through her TINK stage. But can I just say that that fabric sucks to sew? My quilting machine did not even like it, it messed the tension all up. I put all walmart on the front of the quilt but on the back I put good stuff cause it was cheaper to buy on clearance than wal mart, the binding is also the good stuff. It was like sewing on sand paper. Any way she really Loved it and that is all that counts. Boy the thinks us Grandma's do to make there Sweet grand babys Happy!!!!!

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Pamela said...

Turned out so cute!!! Too bad it had to be Walmart Fabric!! She love it regardless.