Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I cheated!!!!

Yes, I did it I cheated! I need to make a quick quilt for my little sweet baby, for her new toddler bed. So I had this cute panel and I cut it apart to try to make it look more pieced not sure it made much difference but I did have to add to the panel so I wanted everything to look the same.

Here is the quilting I put on it.
Sorry for all the un professional pics.


tammy said...

It's adorable. I love the colors! Are you going to post your pink halloween quilt?

Ella said...

Yes, I will be posting a pic of the pink Halloween quilt soon.♥

Texana said...

That's a delightful quilt...Never feel bad about using cheater cloth...having a finished quilt beats adding an unfinished applique quilt to your stack of UFO's!

Kristiner said...

I love it! Especially the binding. I am a huge fan of stripes.